Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shine the Light!

Hello readers! I've missed all of you. It's been very busy at my home, counseling up a storm. Helping others by cheering them up. The lady who takes care of me has been going through many turmoils and was down in the dumps. But I went into action, teaching by example! Smiling is the way to spread sunshine in life. Everyone will respond to a smile. Even though I'm missing most of my teeth, people sure seem to get a kick out of my fun attitude! Here you can see how my sunny disposition cheered the lady who takes care of me. Now she's got a new bounce in her step and I do too--that's the thing!

Take it from me, Wolfie: Give and you get!


Blogger twomonsters said...

Wolfie! Welcome back! Your faithful readers were worried. But there you are smiling and happy. Such a sunny attitude! It's a tonic!

8:38 PM  

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