Thursday, May 31, 2007

A reader writes!

Hello, friends! I'm back! It's really me, Wolfie! I am dizzy with excitement connecting to you readers today. I may be a small red Pom but I offer a big heart to you all!

I received a wonderful letter today from a white dog named Stolli. Here it is, with my answer below!

Dear Wolfie,
My name is Stolli. I'm the guy who once saved your friend Oscar from a
fate worse than death (with a little help from my mom, dad and The Bill Foundation). My own mom is oft called "Wolfie" by virtue of the fact her last name is "Wolff". My kid bro, a semi-retarded Chihuahua/Spitz mix from the kill-shelter, could be your own fur-twin if he were only slightly taller, smarter and cuter. Auntie Deb's done lunch with me and your pal Marsha handled my obedience training, so we definitely have some friends in common :)

Wolfie, I seriously need your advice in this ... I'm considering running for president. I'm not kidding. The way I see it, I'm 100% sincere, I'm not propped up by any special interest groups, my pedigree is just as good as anyone's, and I'm a whole lot easier on the eyes or pocket book than any of the other candidates running in 2008. So what should I do? Wolfie, I need your advice. I realize that throwing my hat in the ring this early means it might get stomped on, so I really need the wisdom and insight only you can offer here.

Dog to dog, I consider you my
spiritual advisor.. I am attaching a pic. I clean up nicely, don't I? And I'm nothing if not patriotic. My origins may lie in England and Germany, but deep down under the skin, I'm an All-American Eskimo Dog. Wolfie, don't you think the time has come to send a little white dog to the big bad White House? Because, honestly, I think a dog could do a better job of running the country. So why not me? Yours Always, Stolli T. Dog

Hello, Stolli!
Is there any end to the bounty of life? The answer is "no"! Stolli, I raise my paws to you and shout "The time is now!!!" And it truly is, Stolli. The time is now for a little white dog to really get America feeling proud again! After all, I, Wolfie, don't spend too much time worrying about politics because I really love spirituality and fashion and running, but I understand that in the White House there are weird creatures of the lower orders! Stolli, you also are nicely groomed and that counts for a lot of votes!

Take it from me, Wolfie: Vote for Stolli to be President of America! You won't regret it!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Run Stolli Run! Get that buffoon Barney outta the white house. He's had enough time to establish true leadership in the Oval office. Get in there and lift thy leg on the mahogany. You go guy!

4:19 PM  

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