Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Reader Seeks Fashion Advice From Me, Wolfie!

Dear Wolfie,

I woke up this morning and it was grey and overcast, which means I have to start thinking about my wardrobe for fall. I have a very limited budget and have no idea where to begin! What are some key pieces I need for the season? Should I get shoes? If so, flats or boots? Or do I need a coat? Cardigans? Or some awesome black pants? Help!!!

Fashion Fauxter, Los Angeles

First of all, I am VERY glad to see the word "Faux" in your name. The only fur you should wear this fall is FAUX. It's the truth!

And on to your question, let me tell you that fall is a time to be lively. There is a briskness in the air that'll put a bounce in your step. So don't get heels that are too high! Flats and low-heeled boots will allow you freedom of movement on your walks. My summer hairdo is growing out and soon I will have my signature "shoe-boots"! that's when the fur grows into points like little shoes at the tips of my feet. I'm thinking you may want some pointy shoes, too. Not so pointy that your feet are squeezed, but points are fun.

Now, all the pieces you mention are excellent key wardrobe pieces. I may be Wolfie, a Pom, but I am observant when it comes to nice fashions! I even have some nice fall sweaters of my own. For you, dear reader, I recommend one pair of black pants in an interesting fabric. Not boring! A crisp, white button down shirt, one pair of low shoes and one pair of boots. Best to invest in your coat at the end of the season when you can get it on sale. Since you live in Los Angeles, you can probably go a season without a new one. But if you don't buy a new coat full-price this fall, definitely invest in a versatile wool car coat/jacket with interesting buttons. Coats sure are expensive when you can't grow your own!

Namaste, Fauxter!!!!

Take it from me, Wolfie!: Fashion is fun but it changes fast as the breeze! There will be new choices next year! You'll see!