Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beat the heat!

You may have noticed that I have a summer hairdo. It's made me feel cooler in the strong heat and I have more energy on my walks. Sometimes a little change is all you need. Get rid of the old (hair) and enjoy the lightness! Also, I want to show you all my latest TV work. I was on the internet! Also, since many know about them and ask me, I want to reprint the links to my reports on dog dancing and the fun dog bar Skybark! Click on the video links to the right of Cindy Chang's wonderful Los Angeles Times story.

The lady who takes care of me is going away tomorrow so I'll be staying with my friend Oscar for the weekend. We like to discuss different matters and walk around. I may have some interesting stories to tell about it, so be aware.

Also, I know there are some outstanding letters I've received from seekers looking for guidance. I'm going to have some quality time soon to address them.

Take it from me, Wolfie: Do one thing at a time! Don't get overwhelmed by the tasks! Don't look ahead too far! You'll see the results!


Blogger QHU said...

Wolfie! Back from Vidal Sassoon, and not a moment too soon. Your fabulous new couture is very hip. Who is that shy friend of yours lurking in the shadows like a wraith? Am I mistaken, or has he been taking a gin bath? Get him a treat and your stylist!

8:40 PM  
Blogger Wolfie said...

thank you, qhu! i love your name! i'm happy with my new hairstyle as well. it sure helps. the picture is of me and oscar. he likes treats too and has an easygoing temperament! namaste qhu!

3:56 PM  

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