Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ego Check!

Readers, I know you've been waiting for too long to hear about my website "lunch party." Well, let me tell you it was very exciting! There were many guests and friends who came to eat treats and talk to me, Wolfie!

We even had nice badges for attendees with my original phrase, "Take it from me, Wolfie!" I will confide, though, that having so much attention lavished on me, so much admiration from readers of The Wolfie Report, that I knew my lesson for the evening was to keep my ego in check!

People wanted to pose for pictures with me and ask me for advice! The lady who takes care of me even gave me a grooming that afternoon so I certainly looked my best! It all made for a heady atmosphere of celebrity and non-reality.

Though I greeted each guest as they came in the door, I did have to retreat to my basket a few times for yoga stretches and pranayamas. To keep my wits!

Notable guests included entertainment writers Deborah Netburn and Nicole Laporte, shown with me at the kitchen sink. These nice ladies were drinking alcoholic beverages, but remained on very elegant behavior!

Pop music star Lisa Jenio came to my party, too. With her boyfriend Jerry, also a musician! It was exciting to be around so many artists of different mediums!

Another guest who really wanted to pose with me is "bon vivant" writer and newspaperman Richard Rushfield! He sure looks stern as can be, but enjoys good humors!

To the right, is the lady who takes care of me, with "Tiger Beat's" engaging Nicole Coppola. Nicole told me that she won prizes on a game show ("The Mices Bite") and is going to the Swiss Alps. You will see how I am being squashed, but I got used to the posing.

Author of books Dan Koeppel was one of my favorite guests. Mr. Koeppel paid a lot of attention to me and told me many jokes about dogs walking into bars. You can see how I enjoyed the repartee!!

Author Allan MacDonnell and his wife Theresa love dogs! Mr. MacDonnell wrote a book which will be sold in stores! It's called "Prisoner of X: 20 Years of My Life in Corn," I'm fairly sure. I admire his wherewithal! 20 years living and working with corn could get tiresome -- but would be excellent Zen practice! Corn!

All together, I had a fun time. But it was good to rest in the end. I still don't understand why the lady who takes care of me didn't give me any lunch at my party.

Take it from me, Wolfie!: You sure do get more treats when you're famous, but don't let it go to your head or you'll be sorry!