Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Echo Park Miracle

Readers, I must relate my near-death story. As previously mentioned, I stayed with my friend Oscar last week while the lady who takes care of me went on a trip. I was in Echo Park and have only been there a couple of times. I got many treats and walked in the yard, did pranayamas and sat on a bed with Deborah and Eric and slept in my basket. No time to blog!

Well, on the third morning when I was ready to come back inside for a good nap, no one let me into the house right away. I was bored so I squeezed between pickets of fence and landed on the sidewalk. I didn't know where I was and started running. i just went blank and the more i rushed down the street the more I lost my way. Cars! Dogs barking! Trash can confusion! It was a terrible situation! all my worst fears realized! I kept running and running and the city seemed terrible.

All was lost!

Then suddenly I felt guided by an unseen hand protecting me from danger. A lady came up to me and looked at my name. It's on my bone tag I wear. She said "You look like Wolfie. Are you the real Wolfie?"

You won't believe it, readers but she knew me AND the lady who takes care of me! It was a miracle! Her name is Deborah too! She called the lady who takes care of me and then they called Deborah and Eric so they wouldn't worry. They are very kind and dog-loving and had already put posters up around the neighborhood. They called the authorities! They were very, very up in arms from my escape.

So Deborah and Eric brought me my basket to the other Deborah's house and I rested. Here's a picture of the other Deborah holding me. You can see my weariness from such an ordeal. I rested with Holly, a nice shepherd mix with coarse black fur (pictured below with pink flower hair accent)! We're both old and wise and have a lot in common! When the lady who takes care of me got home we were happy to greet each other but she told me I gave everyone terrible heart attacks.

Take it from me, Wolfie!: Sometimes doing what you want to do, like squeezing out of the fence, ISN'T the best idea. Think of others!

Greeting from a reader of The Wolfie Report!

Dear Wolfie,
Here is a smile for you from me, " Bella. " We read your "Wolfie Report." I smile most of the time, that is if I'm not sleeping. Then I'm snoring. But I'm told I do smile in my sleep some time. I don't smile when I run after a CAT or a SQUIRREL. I ran a CAT up and over a fence and a SQUIRREL up a tree today. That was fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Letter from a seeker

Dear Wolfie,
Do you ever just feel like the weight of the world is getting you down and you just want to say "forget everything!"?

Because that happens to me a lot, and I'm wondering if you have any advice.

Boy do I know how that is! And the root of this feeling is expectation of treats. You keep thinking the meat, cheese and fruit bars are on the way and they don't get there fast enough! That makes me very frustrated. This is how it is. There are many demands. Everything happening fast. That's why it's good to sit quietly and thank the universe for one minute every morning. Say thank you for the treats and open your heart to receive more! The treats are on their way to you. Take it from me, Wolfie!

Beat the heat!

You may have noticed that I have a summer hairdo. It's made me feel cooler in the strong heat and I have more energy on my walks. Sometimes a little change is all you need. Get rid of the old (hair) and enjoy the lightness! Also, I want to show you all my latest TV work. I was on the internet! Also, since many know about them and ask me, I want to reprint the links to my reports on dog dancing and the fun dog bar Skybark! Click on the video links to the right of Cindy Chang's wonderful Los Angeles Times story.

The lady who takes care of me is going away tomorrow so I'll be staying with my friend Oscar for the weekend. We like to discuss different matters and walk around. I may have some interesting stories to tell about it, so be aware.

Also, I know there are some outstanding letters I've received from seekers looking for guidance. I'm going to have some quality time soon to address them.

Take it from me, Wolfie: Do one thing at a time! Don't get overwhelmed by the tasks! Don't look ahead too far! You'll see the results!